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Jozie Bullard they/them is a nonbinary multidisciplinary artist, painter, muralist, ceramic artist, community arts educator and organizer based in Detroit MI. Jozie's artistic focus and intention as a creative visionary is to design original works that are both inspirational and constructively controversial relating to topics such as racism, classism, and environmental and social injustice. Jozie's work strives to represent, uplift, and support marginalized voice's and ecosystems through visual storytelling.

Jozie's artistic style is inspired and influenced by surrealism, portraiture, Afro futurism, Indigenous Futurism, symmetry, and abstraction. While using these combinations of styles to create unique works of art, they constantly think of ways to also incorporate elements of ancient symmetry, cultural preservation, activism, sustainability, and a sense of calmness into their work's message and functionality. Each creation is designed to challenge oppressive systems by provoking the viewer's perspective and perception around self
awareness, healing, self-transformation, collective change, motivation and action.  


Jozie's creative process is fluid and tends to implement a variety of materials and techniques to convey the expression and tone of their artwork. While painting they enjoy using a minimal amount of bright bold colors and natural tones against black backgrounds to render and build up contrast, dimension, and texture within the composition. They use oil paint, acrylic paint, ink, and spray paint to create mixed media paintings and murals. Jozie has recently started collecting natural clay and pigments to use as a natural hue to paint with, a technique which has allowed them to incorporate sustainable practices into their creative process.

As a mix media artist they enjoy hand building and creating organic sculptures such as altars, cups, bowls, and other functional objects that can be used in everyday life. As they continue to expand their understanding of sustainability, Jozie is enthusiastic to scale up their work to create sustainable structures using recycled materials and natural building techniques such as cob or rammed earth. Jozie also uses digital tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and procreate to design digital paintings, graphics, mock ups, and color samples that can be transferred into 2D or 3D art works. 

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