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Hi, my name is Jozie Bullard!!

I'm a nonbinary Detroit-based Multidisciplinary visual artist. My creative focus is to craft inspiring work that challenges oppressive systems by provoking viewers perspective and consciousness in the direction of self-transformation, collective change, and healing.


My work is created to represent, uplift, and support marginalized communities through the process of visual storytelling. I continuously find inspiration and influence in music, diverse communities, social and environmental activism, culture, nature, fashion, and many other elements that help the development of a more equitable world

for us all. ​

Creative collaborations with other artists, entrepreneurs, and community partners keep my perspective sharp and my imagination flowing. I'm always motivated to find opportunities that align with my creative goals and intentions, and which actively challenge and guide me in the direction of my professional artistic growth.

Interested in collaborating? or commission inquiries? Don't hesitate to reach out through email or social media.