Hi, my name is Jozie Bullard!!
I'm a nonbinary Detroit-based Multidisciplinary visual artist, Illustrator, and creative entrepreneur whose focus is to create inspiring work that uplifts and represents marginalized communities. My creativity and artistic work are inspired/ influenced by music, diversity, LGBTQ communities, environmental activism, social activism, culture, nature, fashion, and many other elements that have helped develop the world around us.

I enjoy exploration, whether through travel experiences or collaborations with other creators, entrepreneurs, and community partners. Creative collaborations keep my perspective sharp and my imagination flowing. I'm always seeking different opportunities that grant me the gift to expand and explore new creative ideation, challenge my craft, and build networks. ​

My goal as an artist is to create inspiring work that provokes others' imaginations and sparks open dialogue about transformative topics that bring the community together through the Arts.​

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