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My name is Jozie Bullard.
I'm a nonbinary Detroit-based multidisciplinary artist (painter, muralist,
ceramist, musician, curator), an emerging community educator and organizer, and a co-founder of Creative Roots Detroit.

My artistic focus and intention as a creative visionary are to design original works that are both inspirational and constructively controversial. My goal for each creation is to challenge oppressive systems by provoking the viewer's perspective and perception of awareness, healing, self-transformation, collective change, and action.

My work strives to represent, uplift, and support marginalized communities and ecosystems. Through the process of visual storytelling and problem-solving, I aim to re balance the lack of visibility, representation, and care of these communities. I continuously find inspiration and influence through spiritual alignment, history, grassroots community building, social and environmental activism, cultural activism,
fashion, music, sustainable development, architecture, and other elements that contribute to a more equitable world for all living things. ​

As I continue my journey as an artist, one of the most influential moments in my career has been embracing the transformative power of collaboration. ​Collaborating has been a wonderful outlet to share my creative intellectual skills and artwork, as well as a meaningful opportunity to share space with different communities on projects around the country.

These opportunities have grown my awareness and perspective on various ways creative expression and craftsmanship can be used to inspire, protect, nurture, heal and innovate tools to reconstruct a world we seek to thrive in for generations to come.  

I'm eager to find opportunities that align with my creative goals and intentions to challenge and guide me toward growth and connection with inner wisdom. If my words resonate with you and you are interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out to me <3


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