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Very excited to announce my collaboration with Vanguard Community Development in partnership with Good Done Daily. Good Done Daily is a graphic design studio serving non-profit, cultural, and public institutions across Detroit and Southeast Michigan. The project is called North End Creators.  
Me and five other local Detroit-based artists were selected to design light pole banners for the East Grand Boulevard Streets cape Project!

My theme for this project was Musical Legacies stemmed from the North End here in Detroit. Inspired by Detroit Techno I focused my design on the Underground Resistance Musical Collective located on E Grand Boulevard. UR has been producing primarily Detroit techno since 1990 with a grungy four-track musical aesthetic, they are also renowned for their militant political and anti-corporate ethos.

The founders of underground resistance Mick Banks and Jeff Mills have been providing local artists with a platform for tools, equipment, and studios spaces to help preserve the roots of techno here in the city for a years and are still active in the community to this day.

When people view this work I want them to feel active and inspired to learn more about Detroit’s roots in Techno. I want this work to help people in the community feel proud of the history of the city and optimistic for the future.

Banners have been installed on the Boulevard!!

E Grand Blvd Detorit
E Grand Blvd Detroit MI

| UR Stays Persistent |

| Created with Procreate |

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