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|Community Mural Project |
Commissioned by
The Detroit Institute of Arts Teen Arts Council

| Medium used /  Acrylic Paint |

The Teen Community Mural Project was an all-inclusive, collaborative two-day mural event that took place on the south lawn near the John R Street entrance to the museum. Participants during the event helped in the painting process by filling in the mural in a paint by number style. The event was led by the DIA’s Teen Arts Council with the help and support of local artist Jozie Bullard who designed the mural. The mural celebrates the diversity, health, and empowerment of the Detroit community! The mural is now on display in the Student Lunchroom at the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

Special Thanks to Stephanie Sucaet for  recommending me to the Teen Council for this project, Sade Benjamin for offering me the position and opportunity, and  Artist Kira Appelman for assisting me in the outlining and painting process throughout this project.  

Follow the Teen Arts Council on IG @diateencouncil

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